How Does Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Physique Compare To The Physiques Of Today’s Top Bodybuilders?

One of the questions we often hear from the people who are into bodybuilding and who are fans of Arnold Schwarzenegger, is what do we think about the best bodybuilders of nowadays, compared with their idol, when he was at the peak of his form. And it’s only understandable, given the fact that there are numerous and various ‘beasts’ out there these days. But in order to make that comparison properly, one must comprehend the distinctions in the scientific approach towards this sport, just as much as the working out process, as well as the gained experience and knowledge of today’s bodybuilders, with the ones from Arnold’s days of training.

arnold vs phil heath

Thus, we’ll begin with currently the best athletes, which, according to many, are the toughest and most massive in the history of this sport. But does that mean that they were working out more and harder than Schwarzy? The answer is: far from it! As a matter of fact, Arnold and the others from his time had begun with bodybuilding in their younger years than today’s guys.

But the thing is that nowadays science is so much more advanced and involved in every segment of the sport, it gives a chance even to an amateur bodybuilder to reach the highest possible level in a far shorter period of time than in Arnold’s days. That’s why Schwarzenegger and the others from his period have smaller legs than the modern competitors, for example. And it’s all because of the huge leap forward, which science has made in the last couple of decades.

By saying this, we are not suggesting that the scientific help was completely out back in the days, but one thing which used to be much more in the focus was the genetics. And it ain’t like that it isn’t any more, but it’s in the shadow. Which is how today, an average bodybuilder can gain up to 60lbs and convert his body into a real rock, only in a period of 4 or 5 years. And then, if he decides to quit, he’ll totally lose those muscles in a very short period of time.

arnold vs kai greene

That’s how you could explain the fact that we are still able to see guys from Arnold’s days (like Lou Ferrigno for example, or Robby Robinson) in quite a decent form, while many who were in the focus only a few years ago, have now completely disappeared, or in many cases, they are no longer with us. And this gives us an opportunity to read the reasons for it between the lines quite clearly.

arnold vs ronnie coleman

Therefore, there is no doubt that even if we go back in the days of Arnie’s prime time, he and the others who were at the top, cannot truly say that they have a bigger muscle mass (overall speaking), compared with the best and the biggest from these days. And the key word behind their success is science, and everything we said above. Thus, there’s no point in making a comparison with the two groups, ‘cause it’ll be the same as if you are putting a race car from the 1950’s, with the modern supercars, toe to toe.

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