In What Movie Has Arnold Schwarzenegger Killed The Most People?

As everyone who watches action movies knows well, being a star in one such flick, means that either you are a good or a bad guy, and the entire story revolves around you, the number of bodies you are going to leave behind (the total body count) is going to be tremendous. Some would say that this isn’t a good thing, but when it comes to us, we are total supporters of the Tarantino’s statement on this issue, who says that “A film without violence is like love without sex”.


Now, naturally, we do not know the way most of you feel about it, but in a case you are a fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger (as we suspect many of you are), and have seen all (or most) of his movies, you know very well that his body count numbers are quite high! In fact, rarely are the action stars who could say that they’d kill more people than him in a single movie (except Charlie Sheen in “Hot Shots”, of course).

Therefore, today we felt inspired to inform you about Arnold’s films in which he has ‘killed’ the most bad guys! And here’s how that list looks like!

Check it out and feel free to share your thoughts on the subject with us in the comment section below!

Selected Films (listed by highest)

Commando (1985): 88, as Martix-81

True Lies (1994): 71, as Tasker-51

Total Recall (1990):77, as Quaid-44

Eraser (1996): 52, as Kruger-29

Predator (1987): 64, as Dutch-25

Raw Deal (1986): 38, as Mark-26

Last Action Hero (1993): 45, as Jack-22

Terminator (1984): 34, as Terminator-21

The Running Man (1987): 41, as Richards-11

Terminator 3 (2003): 14, as Terminator-2

Terminator 2 (1991): 23, as Terminator-0

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