Arnold – I’m Not A Self-Made Man! Without The Help Of The Others, You’re Nothing!

If you are one of the whole army of fans of the one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger, then there is absolutely no doubt in our mind that you all (or most of you) know quite well that he was born in Austria and have spent his early years in his home country. After he became a successful bodybuilder, he began traveling the world, but mainly for competitions.


Only after he’d won everything an athlete in his sport could possibly win, he decided to give himself another challenge, by trying to make it on the big screen. And what better place is there to achieve that goal (a dream) than in Hollywood, Los Angeles?

Of course, they make films in Europe too, but those are of a completely different character, and because of the language barrier (and the fact that it was exactly in the 50’s and the 60’s that the English language has become so dominant, throughout the whole world), becoming a global movie superstar was not quite a real option in Europe.

So, the decision was made and Arnold came to the United States. When he arrived, he virtually had nothing, except his clothes, extremely small amount of money, and of course, his muscles and his dream! But thanks to his fame in the world of bodybuilding, he got some help from the American bodybuilders who already knew him (and needless to say, admired him), who gave him the basic necessities for living.

That’s why, he’s been using almost every opportunity to emphasize the importance of having reliable people around you, people you could trust, because no one in this world who has made it, has done it all by himself. No one is a completely self-made man, and without the help of the others, we would be nothing.

Those are the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger himself, and boy, what an inspiration they are! And that’s why we’re showing you the following clip, to listen to what the man himself has to say on this subject.

Check out the video, enjoy it, and remember those words…

Arnold Schwarzenegger – Together

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